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My college president Dr Cleveland used to say, "If they knew what you knew, they would do what you do!"

I believe you need to know about chiropractic health and wellness! I also think if you come to this practice it is good if you know what's happening around here!

The newsletter and office notices act as easy, low key reminders to come get adjusted, stay on schedule, bring your family and do all the things you need to live a LIFE full of LIFE!

When my email shows up in your in box and you are too busy to read it just say, "Hi, Dr. Rick!" and hit delete. No big deal. Some people save the latest one so they can look at it to find out the hours. Either way, thanks for the "Dr. Rick thought!"

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Some previous emails:


Open Saturday 9;30 to 11:00 come on down and I'll be happy to see you.

You know what I say almost every time I pick up the phone? Hi it's Dr Rick! Yep I am here? You coming?

Not that that's bad. It's kind of awesome actually. Hi, it's Dr Rick. Yep! Iam here. You coming?

And if I haven't said it in a while, thank you for coming! And thank you for bringing your family and sending your friends!

Make it a great weekend! If you need me... Yep, I am here? You coming?

Dr Rick

March 2, 2018 The facts: Open Friday Normal... 10 to 1 and 3 to 6! Saturday 9 to 12. I hope it helps.

I am expanding the hours again. Keep an eye out! Maybe starting next week! It's getting busier. Thank you! Happy to help more people! We'll try it until summer and see if it helps you to get in!

A little banter: Happy March! ... Start Strong! Come get adjusted or

Happy Friday! End the week Strong! Come get adjusted!

Which one's better for you? I like them both but I always liked getting adjusted at the end of the week. It's like a transition for me. Like a shower after a hard day in the yard or like a lemonade/ice tea drink!

Actual silliness: My mind said " It's March! Beware the Ides of March. I needed to remind myself what Shakespeare meant but in the process I learned that in 1952 the greatest rainful in 1 day occured in the Indian Ocean on an island, called Reunion Island. They got 73.62 inches of rain in 24 hours. Let's hope I didn't jinx us today.

From the dept of redunancy dept: So I am going to make the windows of time for you to come in a little bigger. Its seems to help make life easier for you all and spreads out the rushes a little. Keep an eye on that. I might start next week!

Be happy, grab your umbrella. I need a little emoji right here but that only happens on my cell phone! :)

Dr Rick

December 8, 2017 Normal hours at bottom of page!
Adjustments help modulate holiday stress!! Open Friday but not Saurday this week!

Hello! Hope you are great. No Saturday this week! Breakfast with Santa at church. If you are in a bind let me know. I might be able to come by around 11:30. If someone needs me I’ll send out another email and let the rest of you know. 860 883 9040. Deal?

Life is fun and busy. Basketball is here. I love my new team I met at Charter Oak. Great girls. Beautiful school and gym at the new Charter Oak…At the same time, I am getting a guest coaching chance with the CT Attack. Very high level stuff. Thanks Coach Ulysses. Great great for me and for Alice because she comes too.

Breakfast with Santa at St Peter Claver is fun. I get a chance to “manage” a little restaurant again. Pancakes and sausage and juice and coffee with a bunch of teenagers serving cooking and cleaning and bussing tables. Fun times each December.

So enjoy the day and the season and come get adjusted! Let me know if you need something special.

Dr Rick

Normal hours are

MWF 10:30 to 1 and 3 to 6

Tue 7:30 to 9 and 3 to 5

Thu 7:30 to 9 am only

Saturdays vary each week and we are usually here!