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Friends of the Practice

Friends of the Practice Links

Massage and Chiropractic are like hand and glove. We have some great ones for you.

Kristin Harpie is great. She does specific massage work and her people love her. She is at Face It
Med Spa near the center. She is active on Neighbors and Friends West Hartford on Facebook too!

Cerina Rodney is in our office on Mondays for Massage Monday where you get a few minutes of massage with your chiropractic. Cerina work out of my office on Thursdays and Saturdays. Very nice massage, great lady, good hands! 860 778 8188.

Cailin Lawler is the owner/massage therapist of Balance Massage. You might recognize the name since she is right next door hear on in our building. The space is nice, she is ultra professional and a very good massage therapist. The best way to reach her is by booking on line.

One of ours, Mike George took some of the pictures on this website. Find his work at Fine Art America
Click to see his galleries

Synergy Home Care: While in treatment, especially during a crisis, they can help!
Recovery at home, Synergy at the time of surgery, someone to help!

Click here to learn more

2-4-1 Sports...Life is too Short for Just One Sport

This is the way to go for healthy bodies and and healthy minds for our kids!

Click here to learn more

Smooth Rhythm Dance Company

Here's a great Dance Company in Rocky Hill... Crystal is a great and young and wonderful. If you are looking for a place to take your children for dance instruction, choreography, technique or just fun!

Click here to learn more

Links, Blog etc

Click the link to get to the blog page... more info current events. You know... more bloggy!

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My mom in Florida sent me this link from her Chiropractor! I love it! By the way, she is 88, and gets adjusted on the first of the month most months! Chiropractic is great for you at any age...

Click Here

Dr Aaron Lewis tells the Chiropractic Truth in 5 minutes... from East Hartford this Pastor is sending 1 million people to the chiropractor.

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An organization that helps people with Mesothelioma Cancer likes Chiropractic and recommends it for helping patients

Here is the link to their website:

NU1P is my amateur radio operator call sign. Otherwise known as HAM radio. You can use this page to check conditions on the various bands. Solar conditions mostly. I needed a place to stick it and I have only one webpage!