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2 Ideas...

Suzi Laforche Artist


A Chiropractic Idea!

Get adjusted! It is good for you.
If you do other things to be healthy,
get adjusted regularly too.
Good spinal alignment and posture
can have very significant health
benefits and can promote healing.

Regular chiropractic patients
can't imagine a life without chiropractic.
They believe their health, life, energy
and vitality would be diminished
without it.

Don't believe me?
Ask a regular chiropractic patient
and they will tell you and maybe
they already have!

Idea #2 ... Chiropractic is Unique

Chiropractic is not Physical Therapy, the practice of Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage or anything else. Chiropractic is unique. It is the art, science and philosophy of adjusting the spine, by hand, for the purpose of allowing life to flow maximally from the brain, thru the nerves to body, allowing the full expression of this thing we call a human being. It should sound different because it is!