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Life in the body runs the body through the nerves.
The spinal bones can interfere affecting health.

If you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you should probably be getting adjusted to turn on the power of maximum life through the nerves as part of your plan.

Everyone should probably get adjusted sometimes or more often than sometimes.

We'll bill your insurance if it helps you or if it helps us but if it doesn't help either of us let's not, okay?

Regular adjustments are better than random ones.

We like whole families getting adjusted and getting healthy together.

We setup our payment plans to be affordable for whole families to get adjusted once a week or twice a month!

This is a drop in practice. Please just 'drop-in.'

Adjustments are usually $45. Autodebit monthly maintenance plans are much less, personal injury cases are a bunch more.

Families are included on all prepay plans. Yes, you should bring the family.

Posture, how you sit, stand, work, sleep and what you do all day matters. Try to fix those things too!

Healthy movement, diet, and sleep matter too. Do those okay?

Yes, you should go to yoga, yes, you should get massage, yes, you should go to acupuncture, yes, do PT, yes, go to your Doctor if you're worried. Yes you should, yes, yes, yes...

Yes, children and babies and grandparents and sick people and well people should all have a spine and nerve system that is working at it's best, in best alignment with good movement, and nerve system function to allow the life that runs the body to flow freely from the brain into the body.

Anything else? Ask Dr Rick... oh ya ...

Yes, Smile more and have happy thoughts -- that really matters too. Oh, you don't feel like smiling? Fake it until you make it. They say your brain doesn't know the difference. Here's the link! Fun article.