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In Office and Out!

Cerina Rodney is a great massage therapist! She is on the newer side of massage with great hands and a beautiful spirit! She pops in and out of the office and does some hands on time! Her massage is great!

Her phone number is 860 778 8188! She uses the office when I am not here so Thursdays, Saturdays after 12 and is available some mornings and evening!

Balance Massage is our neighbor over here at Talcott Road! Cailin McBee is amazing and has a very loyal following. She also has massage therapists working with her if her schedule is full. 860 817 8387

I can't make a list of massage therapists without mentioning Kristin Harpie. She is a great therapist who I share many patients in common with. She does orthopedic and neuromuscular massage. This is great post surgery or post injury! Her style is unique and she is smart and capable and really knows her work. She is at FaceIt in West Hartford Center and active on West Hartford Friends and Neighbors on Facebook! (860) 206-9552