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Chiropractic Concepts

Can I introduce you to INNATE?

Innate Energy...It's just in there!

There is an innate or inborn intelligence in your body that chiropractors have affectionately called “INNATE” for 130 years!

“INNATE” or the wisdom of the body heals you! Usually this happens automatically unless there is an obstacle so large that it can’t work around it. Remember, it is not the chiropractor that heals you! It is always you.

Chiropractic adjustments remove the obstacle or interference to “INNATE”

What’s that mean?

YOU HEAL YOU! Your body already knows how. When you cut your finger do YOU heal it or does “INNATE?” Do you create a red blood cell every 90 seconds? Or does INNATE do it? Are you giving INNATE all it needs? In modern terms this is wellness care! Are you giving INNATE enough sleep? Are you giving INNATE good food and vitamins? Are you giving INNATE enough movement so it can move blood, lymph and lubricate joints and stimulate digestion? Are you getting ADJUSTMENTS for you and your family so that there is not interference or SUBLUXATION at the level of the spine? This is true and original purpose of chiropractic. When INNATE is allowed to function normally, guess what happens? HEALING! You are HEALING when you are HEAL-THY. You are HEAL-THY when you are HEALING!

My college President Carl Service Cleveland III, said to me on my 1st day of chiropractic college in 1996…"If they knew what you knew, they would do what you do. It’s our job to teach them. If not us who?”

Now you know.